Latin Name: Araneae
Length: 0.37 mm (0.015 in)
Digestive tract:


Spiders are arachnids, not insects.We can get rid of spiders by so many commercial spider sprays.

Spiders don’t bite people very often. There is a belief that spiders come into your bed and bite you during the night. Nulla eget eleifend felis. Proin neque nulla, blandit nec tellus id, sagittis venenatis arcu. Nullam maximus, leo vitae varius tincidunt, dui turpis ultricies ipsum, vitae euismod ante urna nec tortor. Vivamus sem arcu, vehicula eu euismod ac, mollis vitae mi. Fusce at dui at urna faucibus elementum ac sit amet mi.

Spider Removal:  Pest Control

If spiders are living in your home or business, that means they have access to food; other insects. So if you have a spider problem, this is often a sign that you have a greater pest problem.

Spiders can ruin not just your home but your health and happiness. You need someone you can trust to get rid of and control your spider infestation for good. Bugs Anonymous is a family owned and operated pest control company that has been exterminating spiders for over 40 years in the Northern Illinois area.

If you think you have a spider problem call Bugs Anonymous today to schedule a free home inspection. Once you contact Bugs Anonymous for spider extermination, our pest free commitment begins with a complete inspection of your home, structure, or property by one of our state certified Bugs Anonymous Technicians. We will identify if you have spiders, determine the source of the infestation, and work with you on a customized solution utilizing the most advanced spider removal procedures that are completely safe for the environment. At Bugs Anonymous we will work endlessly to eradicate and exterminate your spider problem. Call us today at 630- 529-7216 for your free inspection.

Learn More About Spiders

An Easy Ways To Identify A Spider Problem

  • Spiderwebs frequently turning up is the most common sign of a spider problem. Spiders will generally hide, but htey put out their webs to catch other insects to eat

Pests Commonly Confused with Spiders

Daddy Long Legs are sometimes confused with spiders, but they are actually not spiders.

What Do Spiders Look Like?

  • All spiders have the same basic things in common; 4 pairs of legs, no antennae or wings, and only 2 main body regions.
  • The most common way of identifying spiders is by their spider web


  • Most spiders create silk webs to catch their prey
  • Spiders generally will hide or seek shelter rather than be exposed

How Do You Get Spiders?

If spiders are living in your home or business, that means they have access to food; other insects. So if you have a spider problem, this is often a sign that you have a greater pest problem

Reasons To Treat Your Spider Problem Immediately

  • Spider bites can cause allergic reactions in some people at best, and can be fatal (depending on the type of spider) at worst
  • Spiders spin unsightly webs that make your home or business appear unclean.


Our Pest Control Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. If spiders return after our initial treatments we will return and retreat your property at with no additional charge for six months.  We have confidence that our over 40 years of experience allows us to deliver exceptional quality and effective service. Our reputation is important to us so we do our very best to provide service and results you can expect from professionals.  You will be glad you called us first.

Spider Removal and Pest Control: About Bugs Anonymous

At Bugs Anonymous, we are a family owned company that has been in the pest control business for more than 40 years. We specialize in Spider Control, Spider Extermination and Pest Control in Northern IL. What sets us apart from our competitors is there are no contracts to sign and no long term commitments necessary. In addition, we use low odor chemicals. We offer our clients a six-month guarantee and if we have to come around again, we will not charge you to do another treatment of any area re-infested within six months of the initial treatment. Call Bugs Anonymous today at 630 529-7216.  We accept all major credit and debit cards.

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